Alder Didjeridu Key: E


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Made from drift wood alder collected right here on the Oregon coast. I carved and tuned this didge to accompany mostly percussive, rhythmic style playing, although this didge would be great for any playing level. It has very strong backpressure and a prominent mid-high frequency range that really gives the overall sound precision and clarity…

Wood type: Drift wood alder

Key: E

Trumpets: E,C,F/F#,A

Length:64 1/4″

Bell: 4 3/4″Mouthpiece size: 1 3/4″ O.D. 1 3/16″ I.D.

Mouthpiece wood type: Paduk, canary and bass wood

Weight: 5 lbs

I use a high quality resin finish that’s waterproof and non toxic when cured.

Im happy to help of you have any questions about this didge.


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Crafting Technique: Here’s a video that will give you some insight onto my hardwood crafting process:

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