Myrtle Wood Troubadour Series travel Didjeridu with Tuning Slide TTD-004


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The “Troubadour Series” Didjeridu is a super compact design that allows you to take your didjeridu to places you couldn’t before. Designed and crafted by Tyler Spencer, this didge encompasses high quality craftsmanship and wood working with ingenuity and functional design.

Concept and design: I built the first prototype of this design in 2009. I tested the concept on my travels to India to South America, back packing through remote areas and performing and busking in the cities. The design passed the test, and proved to be worthy of evolving further. I refined the design to its current incarnation and have had lots of positive feed back. This style of Didge is fitted with the “Spencer lace Joint” for ease of disassembly and the “Tuning Slide” mouthpiece which allows you to adjust the pitch and gives you at least four regular drone notes.. A high quality soft case is included. I also offer custom hard cases if you desire.


Wood type: Myrtle wood

Regular drone notes: E, D#, D, C#

Trumpets notes: EB, Bb, E, D, C#, F#

Length: 69 1/4″-79″ (extended)

Bell: 5 1/2″

Mouthpiece: 1 3/16″ I.D.

Mouthpiece/lace joint wood type: Sapelle, Wenge, zebra, Walnut and bass wood

Feel free to ask me any questions about this instrument. Custom orders available for this style too!


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