Alder Didjeridu


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Demo video: http://youtu.be/SmAnwz25b7c

I collected this piece of Alder drift wood out of Yaquina bay. I first let the wood dry and cure thoroughly and use the “split and hollow” also known as the “French bread technique” to hollow and tune it. Its fitted with a myrtle, paduk and bass wood mouthpiece and has a fossil inlay towards the bell. Its resin coated inside and out for maximum durability and is polished to a beautiful satin finish.

Tuning and playability:

This didge has tons of range. Very strong back pressure and a tight, percussive feel when played. The drone is tuned to E with the first trumpet at Eb a half step below the drone. The first trumpet is very easy to hit making the transition from drone to trumpet quite easy. The drone bends and drops with very little effort allowing for many rhythmic and alternative playing techniques. This didge is very responsive and welcomes high octane playing styles. This didge has relatively thin walls which enhances the resonance and also allows it to be light weight for a hardwood Didjeridu.

Specification overview:

Key: E +10
Trumpet notes: Eb, B, E, G# (Tuned by Tyler at 0 Ft elevation and about 65 degrees Fahrenheit)
Length: 70″
Mouthpiece inner diameter: 30mm
Mouthpiece wood type: Myrtle, paduk and Bass wood
Inlay: fossil

Shipping is free in the U.S. lower 48. Please contact me for international shipping rates or to Alaska and Hawaii. I build a lightweight very secure wood framed box for each of my agave and hardwood didges. I carefully pack the didge to insure its safe during transport. I make sure to include insurance with the shipment too.


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