Oak Didjeridu Key:D


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Listen to a short audio sample of this didjeridu:

About this didge:

This didge is made from a scavenged oak branch that came from my friend Justus’ property. I carved the walls on this didge thinner than I usually do in attempt to enhance resonance and tone. The result was successful and in addition, the overall weight of this hardwood didge was drastically reduced (comparable to an agave didjeridu!). It plays with a balanced overall feel both sonically and physically. This is  the type of instrument that you can play meditative and mellow or turn it up a notch and play percussive and rhythmic. The top end of the bore is about 1 1/4″ which allows enough back pressure to push into powerful rhythms, but doesn’t sacrifice vocal clarity and harmonics. This is a balanced, versatile hardwood Didjeridu.

Crafting technique:

All of the hardwood didjeridus I make is made from scavenged wood or drift wood. Any exotic wood I use either scavenged remnants from other wood workers or scraps I purchase and mill myself. All of the wood I collect is age cured until it is ready to work.

I use the split and hollow technique on most of the hardwood didjeridu’s I craft. The short description of this technique: shaping the cured log with a variety of hand and power tools, carefully splitting the log with an industrial band saw and carving each half to specific bore dimensions and geometry using carving wheels, sanding drums, blood, sweat and the occasional tear:) Many hours goes into this process. Quality craftsmanship and making the best sounding/playing instrument as possible is always my goal!

I finish all of my instruments inside and out with a high quality, zero VOC epoxy resin. This finish is non toxic when cured and has virtually no out gassing. This is the most durable, longest lasting finish to use. Its waterproof too. After the finish cures, I fine sand the exterior and hand polish the instrument using either oils and polishing compounds or a wipe on poly.


Wood type: Live Oak

Drone: D

Trumpets: E,B/Bb, E

Length: 70″

Bell: 4 3/4″

Mouthpiece: 1 3/16″ I.D. paduk and bass wood

Wieght: About 4lbs

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