1.Troubadour Series Travel Didjeridu


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About this instrument:

This didge has all the bells and whistles of my signature, travel didjeridu design. The main body is made from black walnut that I collected from a friends property. Walnut is one of my favorite woods to work with. Its a hard,dense wood that really gives a didge a responsive feel when played. This didge has a beautiful tuning slide with a variety of woods used: rare, compressed grain redwood, myrtle wood, paduk, walnut and zebra wood. The tuning slide is made from aluminum and has my signature slide lock that allows you to easily slide and lock it into position.. The drone note range is C, B, Bb, A. Although the notes you can achieve with trumpet and mulitdrone technique is almost limitless. The main joint is made from aluminum and is custom made by myself using a lathe. The lace joint feature is another signature design of mine that helps the joint compress together and adds rigidity to the design. This didge comes with a soft case and has a length of about 41″ when taken apart. When this didge is assembled its about 78″ land even longer when the tuning slide is extended. A long, low and rich sounding instrument with lots of tonal range and possibilities. Please listen to the sound sample above for an example..

This didge is really special to me. Honestly I’d love to keep it in my collection. But life circumstances tell me its time to put it out there and let it find a home.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Drone: C,B,Bb,A

Trumpet: 15+ depending on where you position the slide.

Wood type: Walnut main body. Redwood, myrtle, paduk, zebra, bass..

Mouthpiece: 1 3/16″ I.D.

Weight: about 5lbs

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