Agave Didjeridu made by: “Inlakesh”


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Listen to a sound sample of this Didjeridu:

About this instrument:

This didge is from a private collection that I’m offering for sale on my website. I didn’t make this didge, therefore I cannot guarantee this didge or its craftsmanship like I can the other instruments and products I’ve made on this website. I’ll do my best to reiterate all of the details from the original owner. -Tyler

This didge is made from agave and was crafted by Rob from the renown musical group “Inlakesh”. Rob is a highly respected player and crafter. His didjeridu are reknown for there high quality sound and amazing acoustic dynamics. This didge is tuned to B and has a medium bore diameter. It has great back pressure for being tuned to a lower pitch. It has a beeswax mouthpiece. The didge body is resin coated inside and out.


Length: 73.5″

Bell diameter: 5″

Weight: about 3lbs

Mouthpiece: beeswax

Drone: B

Trumpets: Eb, Bb,Eb,G

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