Illuminating Inlayed Didjeridu


SOLD!! Thanks Sean in Newport, Oregon! Original design concept by Tyler Spencer. Illuminating Brazilian agate inlays. Exotic wood mouthpiece, strong backpressure and excellent playability. Tune to the key of E…

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About this Didgeridoo design concept:

I began making this style of didgeridoo in early 2001. At the time, I was inlaying many of my didges with agates and fossils and the idea of highlighting the inlays through illumination was a natural progression. Originally, I only offered this design through custom order, but because of the great support and response, Ive decided to now offer this design publicly.
The Brazilian agate inlays are carefully and permanently set into the main body of the instrument. When the didge is placed on the custom display stand (included), the agates illuminate showcasing the organic beauty of the agates. This truly brings forth musical functionality and visual art. The agate inlays not only serve as an artistic accent, but also add a unique overall resonance and tone when the didge is played. A high quality, tuned instrument or a beautifully displayed illuminating art piece.

About Illuminating Agate Inlayed Didge AD-033:


Drone note: E+20 (tuned by Tyler at 0 feet elevation and at about 62 degrees)
Trumpet notes: D+15, B/Bb,F
Backpressure: Strong
Length: 67”
Bell: 6 1/2”
Mouthpiece dimensions: 1 3/16” I.D.- 1 13/16” O.D.
Mouthpiece wood type: Wenge, zebra, paduk and bass wood
Inlays: Brazilian agate
Painted by: Alicia Spencer

Playing Characteristics and Information:

This didge has a punchy, resonate feel. A “cavernous” overall tone is driven by a tight top end bore with strong backpressure to suit. Bass frequencies are very present with this didge, but not so much that it overshadows the mid and high frequencies. In my opinion, this didge shines with rhythmic/percussive style playing. But its versatile enough to accompany, mellow ambient style as well. The unique tuning on the trumpet series, specifically the first, allows for an easy transition from drone to trumpet. Illuminating display stand included.

This didge was painted by Alicia Spencer



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