Agave Didjeridu


SOLD! Thanks Holly!

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SOLD! Thanks Holly:)

Demo Video: http://youtu.be/-Qd29FRnD9Y

About this Didge and the crafting technique:

This Didgeridoo is made from Agave. I harvested this stalk in the mountains of Arizona in the spring of 2014. I only harvest Agave that is finished with its cycle and spent. I also spread any seeds left in the pods to help with the regeneration of the plant. Agave is known for its light weight, resonant tone, beautiful grain and character. I carefully hollow out the didge with a bore and burn technique. I use some home made tools, chisels, rasps, drill bits and fire. Its sealed inside and out with a quality resin finish that is non toxic when cured. This didge has a walnut mouthpiece
(no beeswax needed).

Tuning and playability:

This didge has a nice low drone note tuned to B. It has a medium/large bore. Backpressure is medium/strong which is ideal for a beginner/training didge. Super lightweight and a good length especially considering its low drone note. The overall sound and tone is driven by the bass frequencies.This didge is a great beginner to intermediate level player and is priced very well for its quality.

Specification overview:

Key: B
Trumpet note:F, C, G
Length:61 1/2″
Bell:3 1/4″
Mouthpiece inner diameter: 30mm
Mouthpiece wood type: Walnut

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