Concert quality Mosso bamboo Didjeridu CM-030 Key: B


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Key: B

Trumpets: B, A, D, G, Bb

Length: 77″

Bell: 3″

Mouthpiece size: 1 11/16″ O.D. 1 3/16″ I.D.

Mouthpiece wood type: Paduk

Weight: about 6lbs

Crafting technique:

I craft this style of bamboo Didjeridu using a technique that allows the overall shape of the instrument to be quite tapered compared to my other style of bamboo didjeridu. This results in a didjeridu with more playable range, stronger back pressure and trumpet notes that are easier to play. This particular didjeridu has a drone note tuned in B and the first trumpet note in B (an octave above the drone note).

A great Didjeridu for a beginner to advanced level player. Resonating rich tones, balanced bass and high end frequencies and easy trumpet notes. The clear, bright sounding drone allows vocal effects to articulate nicely. This didj has strong back pressure, which makes the circular breathing technique easier. A great all around didjeridu for playing mellow and ambient while capable of playing rhythmic and percussive styles also.

Its age and fire cured to prevent checking and cracking. Sealed and finished inside and out with a quality resin finish that is non toxic when cured, waterproof, and very durable. Polished to a nice satin finish.  Fitted with a beautiful paduk mouthpiece. No beeswax needed. Very high quality craftsmanship and %100 satisfaction guaranteed.


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