Waterproof Canvas Didjeridu Bag


Durable didjeridu bag made with waterproof canvas. Custom sizes available!



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Made with durable, waterproof canvas and has a thick, padded liner. It has adjustable features to accompany a variety of Didjeridu shapes and sizes. The two adjustable straps allow you to “cinch” the Didjeridu so that it fits securely in the bag. This also makes it easier to0. Adjustable shoulder strap and a quick release cord closure adds comfort and convenience. Available in two different colors: Maroon or black

Available sizes:
L (68″x6″)
XL (78″x6″)
L7 (68″x7″)
XL7 (78″x7″)

If you require a custom sized bag, please email me with your requests. My wife Alli makes all of our bags and is happy to help.


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L (68"x6"), XL (78"x6"), L7 (68"x7"), XL7 (78"x7")


Maroon, Black


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