Didjeridu Cleaning Kit


The original Primaltones Didjeridu Cleaning kit. Comes complete with Brush, extensions, mouthpiece sanitizer and didge cleaning solution…

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Finally! A complete didjeridu cleaning kit! As most didjeridu players will find out, the inside of your didge can become bacteria ridden and quite smelly if not cleaned and disinfected properly. The Primaltones Didjeridu Cleaning Kit helps solves this issue.

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The kit includes:

– two flexible extensions (when put together are long enough to clean a 7′ long instrument)

-One brush (Non abrasive and will clean instruments with a bore diameter as small as 1/2″!)

-One 2.5oz bottle of didjeridu mouthpiece sanitizer (made with organic ingredients including lavender and tea tree oil) 

-One 16oz bottle of didjeridu cleaning solution (made from super mild organic castile soap, lavender and tea tree oil) 

-A breathable bag to store the kit in

*Additional flex extensions are available for longer didjeridus. Please email me for more information.
*The brush can clean a didge with enteral bore dimensions as small as 1/2″ in diameter.

*This cleaning kit is designed for cleaning sealed and finished instruments. Use at your own discretion on unfinished or bare wood instruments. This product could also be used to clean Alp horns, brass horns or similar wood wind instruments..


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