Painted Eucalyptus Didjeridu made by: Shine


Termite hollowed eucalyptus didjeridu made by Shine..

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Listen to a sound sample of this didge:

About this instrument:

This didge is from a private collection that I’m offering for sale on my website. I didn’t make this didge and cannot guarantee this didge or its craftsmanship like I can the other instruments and products I’ve made on this website. I’ll do my best to reiterate all of the details from the original owner. -Tyler

This didge is made from termite hollowed malle eucalyptus. It was made by renown, Canadian based didgeridoo player “Shine”. It was harvested in Australia by Shine’s cousin and sent to Canada where shine painted it and transformed it into a playable didjeridu. It has a rock inlayed in the mid section of the instrument and a beeswax mouthpiece. It has a classic, open bored tone and playability and medium back pressure. Listen to the audio sample of this didge above.


Length: 55″

Bell diameter: 3.5″

Weight: about 4lbs

Mouthpiece: beeswax

Drone: B

Trumpets: F#,D

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