Slide Bamboo Didjeridu


A concert quality slide didjeridu with a playable note range to accommodate many playing and musical styles..

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Audio sample of this Didjeridu:

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About this Didjeridu:

This style of bamboo Didgeridoo is crafted using the same technique as my “Concert Quality Bamboo Didjeridu”. This results in a didjeridu with more playable range, stronger back pressure and trumpet notes that are easier to play. Then I incorporate my tuning slide design to allow the didge to play a range of notes. My tuning slide design is made using aluminum inner and outer sections that can easily slide into tune. A tuning o-ring (included) can be positioned on the slide to prevent the slide from moving in the case you’d like to play a static drone note.
My current slide design allows for a four note standard drone range, but many more notes can be achieve depending on which technique you play (trumpet notes, pitch bends, multi-drone, suto toots, and pop tones for example). The didgeridoo shown in the pictures and in the audio sample of this listing has a drone range of D#, D, C#, C but other tuning ranges are available.

A great Didjeridu to learn on or keep you inspired at advanced levels. Average length when the slide is closed is about 65″ inches and about 78″ when the slide is extended to its lowest note. The outside diameter is usually 1 1/4″ on the tuning slide and 3-3 1/2″ inches on the bell end. This didjeridu generally has strong back pressure depending on the slide position.. A versatile didgeridoo for playing mellow and ambient but fully capable of playing rhythmic and percussive styles also. The main advantage of this didjeridu is note range.

The bamboo is age and fire cured to prevent checking and cracking. Sealed and finished inside and out with a quality resin finish that is non toxic when cured, waterproof, and very durable. Polished to a nice satin finish. Fitted with a beautiful layered wood mouthpiece. No beeswax needed. High quality craftsmanship. Bamboo naturally has slight variations in color, diameter and length, so each one I make is very similar but slightly different from the one in the photos..


I personally tune all of the didgeridoos I make and always attempt to tune them as close to “perfect” pitch as possible. However, there are many variables that can effect the tuning even after the didge is finished, such as ambient temperature, humidity, climate and the players technique. Therefore I cannot guarantee the didgeridoo I sell will remain in its advertised tuning when its received.


Tuning: The didjeridu displayed in the photos of this listing and in the audio demo has a tuning slide drone range of: D#, D, C#, C. But other tuning ranges are available.

Trumpets:3+ trumpets notes depending on drone note selected

Length: About 65-78″

Bell: About 3-3 1/2″ O.D.

Mouthpiece size: 1 3/4″ O.D. 1 3/16″ I.D. (custom mouthpiece sizes available on request)

Mouthpiece wood type: Walnut, bass, paduk (varies depending on availability)

Weight: About 4.5 lbs

To place a purchase please follow this link to my etsy shop. Thank you!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/primaltones/


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