Mouthpiece sanitizer


Keep your mouthpiece fresh and clean with our natural sanitizer..

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Primaltones mouthpiece sanitizer is combination of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils in a distilled water suspension to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on any didgeridoo or wind instrument mouthpiece.  Works on beeswax, wood, plastic, metal, epoxy or rubber mouthpieces. Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and also anti-fungal, so a few pumps of spray on the inside of your didgeridoo will eliminate any odors that build up from playing. Lavender oil is added for a fresh and calming scent. All natural. This 2oz bottle will last many months while costing less than even one bottle of tea tree oil alone.
I also offer a complete didgeridoo cleaning kit for deep cleaning the entire inside of the instrument.

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