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Customize your own travel Didjeridu. My base price is $775.00 USD and you can add what ever features, upgrades and tuning you desire. You’ll find descriptions, photos and a demo video below. And please feel free to ask me any questions.

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Im currently not accepting any custom orders, but if you’re interested I can add you to my waiting list. Please email me with any inquires. Thanks! -Tyler

Troubadour Series Travel Didjeridu: An original modular instrument design with a tunable slide mouthpiece. The ideal didge for traveling musicians, beginning prodigies or compact situations. This instrument is basically the culmination of every thing I desire in a didjeridu, its also my favorite to make! It features functional designs that have taken me many years of experimentation to be satisfied with. My lace slip joint is the most important design feature of this instrument and allows it to be assembled easily. Besides its functionality, its also an aesthetically pleasing design. The “Lace joint” is technically what I call a compression slip joint and relies on the threaded lace pattern to compress and secure the joint rather than threads that screw together. This design creates less stress on the joint by eliminating any need to twist and torque the instrument.

Tuning Slide: My tuning slide design allows four standard drone notes. Being able to tune your didge on the fly is very valuable, especially in performance or when playing along with other instruments. A tuning slide also eliminates the need to travel with multiple Didjeridus. I use a variety of wood types with this design and will layer and finish the woods to compliment the overall look and feel of the instrument. The inner and outer slide tubing is made from aluminum. I also offer custom tuning.

Mouthpiece size and options: My standard mouthpiece size is 30mm I.D. (1 3/16), with about a 44mm O.D.. I feel this is the most versatile size mouthpiece for most playing styles and mouth sizes. But I also can accompany personal requests and custom sizes if needed.

W.E.T. multi-drone mouthpiece: I’m proud to offer genuine William Edwards Thoren (W.E.T.) multi-drone mouthpieces as an alternative mouthpiece option. W.E.T. multi-drone mouthpieces are larger and shaped differently (about 32mmx38mm I.D.) and make it easier to play certain techniques, mainly the “multi-drone” or “drop octave” technique. Higher pitched instruments typically accommodate this technique best. Will makes these mouthpieces custom for my Troubadour Series and I do the final fit and finish so that it works with my tuning slide design. I also offer W.E.T. mouthpieces with standard, non tuning slide didjeridus. Here’s a link for more information about Multi-drone technique.

Wood Types. I typically use locally harvested hardwood, but I offer Agave as an option as well. Alder, myrtle wood or ash are wood types I usually have available but it varies, please contact me if you’d like to find out what wood types I have available. Agave will typically save weight compared to the hardwood (about 3lbs vs. about 5lbs), and is known to have have a warm, bass driven sound. Hardwood typically has more attack (responsiveness) than agave. But it really depends on how I shape and tune them.

A bell rest option is also available to protect the end of your didge and keep it stable while playing:

Custom hard case: I include a soft case with every troubadour series purchase, but I also offer custom hard cases if you want to take your instruments protection (and presentation) to the next level. I personally make each one by hand to custom fit the instrument.

Accessories: I include a tuning slide lock so that you can “lock” your slide in place so that it can be played in a stationary position:

I also include a telescoping slide swab to help keep your tuning slide clean:

Playability: I tune each instrument with versatility in mind. I prefer a didgeridoo to have the capability of playing many different techniques, styles and playing levels. Backpressure, tonal clarity, balanced low to high frequencies, accessible trumpet notes and overall playable range are all important characteristics to me and I do my best to achieve this with every instrument I craft.

Availability and ordering: I currently only offer this style of instrument via custom order. My turn around time is currently about 6-8 months, but that can vary depending on any custom requests and available wood types. You can customized and select all of the features you want on this page. You can also use this page to price all of the options you desire and contact me for further details.  I can accept a down payment or payment plans also. If you have any questions or custom requests please contact me here. Thanks!

Shipping: I offer free domestic shipping in the U.S.. Please contact me for an international shipping quote. For more details on shipping and my return and exchange policy, please visit my terms and conditions section.


Additional information

Wood Type

Hardwood with 5" bell, Hardwood with 6" bell, Agave with 5" bell, Agave with 6" bell

Lace Joint

Lace Joint, No Lace Joint

Tuning slide

F, E, D#, D, E, D#, D, C#, D, C#, C, B, C#, C, B, Bb


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