3. Agave Didjeridu Key: E “Ezela”


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About this instrument:

A powerful, resonate player. This didge has a large bore diameter which gives it a rich, harmonic tone. Its sound quality, vibration, light weight and relatively compact size make this didge ideal for sound healing and deep rhythmic sound scape style playing. Its powerful drone and rich, resonant overall sound are its strong points. It has two trumpets that are immediately accessible with even more available with the right technique. A quartz crystal is inlayed in the mid point of the instrument. Walnut, paduk , zabra and bass mouthpiece. The drone is tune to E which resonates with the solar plexus chakra, which is characterized by the expression of will, personal power, and mental strength..

Crafting technique:

I harvested this agave stalk in the south west region of the U.S.. When I harvest Agave, its a very important time and experience for me. It not only gives me the opportunity to explore the desert in search of prime Didgeridoo stalks, but also allows for personal spiritual connectedness throughout the entire crafting process. I only harvest Agave that is finished with its cycle and spent. I also spread any seeds left in the pods to help with the regeneration of the plant. I carefully hollow out the didge with a bore and burn technique. I use some home made tools, chisels, rasps, drill bits and fire..

I finish all of my instruments inside and out with a high quality, zero VOC epoxy resin. This finish is non toxic when cured and has virtually no out gassing. This is the most durable, longest lasting finish to use. Its waterproof too. After the finish cures, I fine sand the exterior and hand polish the instrument using either oils and polishing compounds or a wipe on poly.


I personally tune all of the didgeridoos I make and always attempt to tune them as close to “perfect” pitch as possible. However, there are many variables that can effect the tuning even after the didge is finished, such as ambient temperature, humidity, climate and the players technique. Therefore I cannot guarantee the didgeridoo I sell will remain in its advertised tuning when its received.


Drone note: E

Trumpets: G#, E

Length: 52″

Bell end: 5 1/4″

Weight: about 3lbs

Mouthpiece: 1 3/16″ (30mm) I.D. paduk, wenge, bass wood

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