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This didge is fitted with my signature Tuning Slide design. The slide allows you to fine tune the drone note with a standard range of 4 regular drone notes and multiple trumpet notes depending on the position of the Tuning Slide. Drop drone, pitch bends and other playing techniques are encouraged for an even broader range. The main advantage of this design is the ability to change your pitch for compositional range or the ease of adjusting the tuning to accompany other instruments.
Also, this particular Didge comes with two different mouthpiece slides. They have different inside dimensions to accompany personal mouthpiece size preference and to help with playing different styles and techniques.

Each Tuning Slide Didgeridoo I make is signed, numbered and dated, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

About Tuning Slide Didgeridoo WD-017:


Wood type: Myrtle Wood
Drone Notes: D, E, C#, C, B (Tuned by Tyler at 0 feet elevation. Temp.: 67 degrees)
Trumpet notes: Eb, G#, D, C#, A, E and more…
Back pressure: very strong
Weight: approximately 9 lbs
Length: 76” with slide closed 84″ extended
Bell width: 6 1/2”
Mouthpiece #1 inside diameter: 30mm
Mouthpiece #2 inside diameter: 30mmx32mm
Tuning slide/mouthpiece material: Sapelle, Paduk, Zebra, bass wood. Aluminum inner and outer slide.


This Didge started out as a piece of Myrtle wood I scavenged out of Yaquina Bay here on the Central Oregon coast. Myrtle wood is an excellent tonal wood and one of my favorites to work with.
This instrument went through quite a process from finding the log and dragging it to my shop, to curing it for months and then the magic of crafting it and making the tuning slide for it. Every step of the process was done with joy, good energy and attention to detail.

This didge has a tight top end bore that tapers to a large 6″1/2″ bell end. This allows for strong backpressure and a tight, “punchy” feel when played. It has a fairly thick wall diameter (about 3/8″ at its thickest point) which in my view adds to its responsive, percussive nature. The tuning slide opens many possibilities and note range too. This didge comes with two mouthpiece slides that have different inside dimensions and are interchangeable. This not only accompanies personal mouthpiece size preference but also helps when playing different styles and techniques. Want to hear it and see it in action?

Here’s a video demonstration:

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Supol

    Great didge. Beautiful looking. Cool sound. The cadillac of my collection.

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