Corridor -Tyler Spencer solo album-


Tyler Spencer Solo Didjeridu 2011

Product Description

This album explores both rhythmic and ambient styles of didjeridu. Five of the songs on this album were performed with Shireen Amini who showcases her percussive talents playing the cajon drum. The recording sessions with Shireen resulted in well composed and ground breaking Cajon and Didgeridoo songs. This album also showcases solo didgeridoo pieces, ambient samples collected along my travels through India and South America, and spoken word by my grandmother, Olive Rossman.

Track List:

1. Cabazon (Kerala outro)
2. Olives song (Mycorrhiza intro)
3. Lakota
4. captain @#*% around
5. Giddyup
6. Corridor
7. Frozen smoke
8. Hot coal hustle
9. Exorcisto
10. Sleep is wrong

Album length: 51 minutes


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